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Cactus RF60


  • Guide Number (ISO 100):
Zoom (mm) 24 28 35 50 70 80 105
GN (meter) 33 34 38 45 51 54 56
GN (feet) 108 112 124 147 168 177 183
  • Motor zooms: 24mm – 28mm – 35mm – 50mm – 70mm – 80mm – 105mm
  • Power levels (22 in total):
1/1 1/2 1/4 1/8 1/16 1/32 1/64 1/128
  • Flash durations: 1/300s – 1/20,000s;
  • Modes: Local (L), Master (M), and Slave (S);
  • Working radio frequency: 2.4GHz;
  • Number of channels: 16;
  • Number of groups: 4;
  • Maximum wireless effective distance: 100 meters (328 feet);
  • Built-in optical slave mode: S1 (straight triggering); S2 (pre-flash ignored triggering);
  • Flash head swivel: 270-Degree (180-Degree left and 90-Degree right);
  • Power input: 4 AA batteries (LR6 alkaline or Ni-MH), rechargeable Ni-MH for best performance;
  • Flash count per battery cycle: 100 (at 1/1 power); 2000 (at 1/128 power);
  • Minimum recycle time: 0.1-5.0 seconds (with alkaline batteries); 0.1-3.0 seconds (with Sanyo Eneloop);
  • Color temperature: 5600k +/- 200k;
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to +50°C;
  • Dimensions: 205 x 83 x 61mm;
  • Net weight: 390g.

What is the Wireless Flash RF60?

The Wireless Flash RF60 is a portable flash that has a built-inwireless transmitter + receiver – THREE things combine into one.

What are the advantages of using Wireless Flash RF60?

With a transceiver built-in, the RF60 can receive wireless triggering signal from a flash trigger and fire accordingly without having to attach an external receiver to the flash. When using with Cactus V6, both power output and zoom level of the RF60 can be adjusted remotely by Cactus V6.

Also because of the built-in transceiver, the RF60 itself, without anything attach to it, can function as a commander to control other RF60s. If you place an RF60 on a camera hot shoe, you can wirelessly control other off-camera RF60s without using ANY flash trigger at all.

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Built-in wireless commander and receiver

The Cactus RF60 is a 2.4GHz radio-based wireless portable flash with a built-in transceiver that runs on 16 channels. It operates in three modes, Local for on-camera operation, Master and Slave modes for off-camera. To act as a commander, set an RF60 to Master and it can trigger an unlimited number of RF60 set in Slave mode. The effective distance between the Master RF60 and Slave RF60 is up to 100m (328 feet).

Remote control of power and zoom levels

The power levels of the RF60 set in Slave mode can be adjusted from 1/128 to 1/1 full power in steps of 0.3EV. Zoom level can also be controlled from a wide 24mm zoom to 105mm. With remote power and zoom control, you can place the RF6 units in hard-to-reach places and control its power and zoom level wirelessly.

Group control of up to four groups with configurable Group Alias

In a typical lighting setup, the ability to adjust, activate and deactivate groups of lights is vital in creating the desired lighting effect. The RF60 can be configured into four distinct groups. Power output can be adjusted in individual group or in all groups at the same time for fast adjustments. To streamline the shooting experience, user can rename each group to: KEY, FILL, SPOT, RIM, HAIR, LEFT, RIGHT, BACK and FRONT instead of remembering the placement of flash groups A, B, C and D.

Optical Slave with delay feature

The RF60 has a built-in optical sensor. The optical sensor captures pre-flash signals that are being emitted earlier than the flash sync. By setting the pre-flash optical trigger and the delay timer, you can set the exact time for the flash to start firing. This allows the RF60 to do not only first-curtain and second-curtain sync (also referred as front and rear curtain), but can fire at any given point of the image.

High power up to Guide Number of 56 meters

The RF60 has powerful guild number GN56. The Fresnel lens was specifically designed to give out the best possible light.

Compatible with Cactus V6 Wireless Flash Transceiver

Flash power output on RF60 Slave units can be controlled by an RF60 Master as well as Cactus V6 Flash Transceiver. Cactus V5 also supports basic flash triggering on the RF60 but does not support power output control on the RF60.

Multi-flash feature

In Multi mode, a rapid series of flashes is fired to capture multiple images of a moving subject in a single frame. This feature is available in all three flash modes so its users can create the desired effects with both on and off camera flash.

HSS Sympathy mode

The HSS Sympathy mode of the RF60 is designed to support flash photography at shutter speeds beyond a camera’s maximum sync speed. With the help of a TTL flash mounted on camera, RF60 fire flashes with an extended duration in order to produce even frame illumination at shutter speeds as high as 1/8000 second.

The RF60 is meant for use in a multiple flashes setup and designed with the needs from the need of professional photographers in mind.

Whether it’s a wedding or commercial shoot, timing is crucial. RF60 users will not only find adjustments quick and easy, the LCD also displays necessary information photographer needs to know. All in all, it offers an intuitive flash photography experience. So you, as the photographer, do not need to fiddle with the gear but instead enjoy the shooting experience.

Cactus V6  Wireless Flash Transceiver 


 Cactus_V6_6  CactusV6_1-620x348 CactusV6_4-620x348 CactusV6_5

The Cactus V6 is the World’s First wireless flash trigger that works ON ANY CAMERA (with a standard hot shoe or PC Sync port) to control power output, wirelessly, of Canon, Nikon and Pentax’s system flashes ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

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Remote Power Control of Canon, Nikon and Pentax flashes

Each flash model has its individual power level characteristics. We have profiled more than 30 popular flash models across a wide range of brands so that the V6 can precisely control their output levels. With this unique feature, photographers can remotely control the flash power of various flash models, even of different brands.

Currently, more than 30 popular flash models from Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Metz, Nissin, etc. have been profiled and pre-installed on the V6. By selecting the pre-installed flash model on the Cactus V6 the photographer can remotely control the flash power output of the selected flash model wirelessly through the Cactus V6.

If a flash model is not listed, the V6 may even learn its flash profile and then be able to control the power output of the flash. (See note on compatibility)

Remote Power and Zoom Control of Cactus RF60 Wireless Flash

The V6 can directly control a Cactus RF60 set to Slave mode using RF60’s built-in radio transceiver. Besides controlling power remotely in single and multiple groups, the V6 can also adjust the zoom level of the RF60 easily by pressing the adjustment wheel and swap control between power and zoom.

Quick Power Adjustments

Control is extremely easy and swift with the use of a selection dial and a combination of group buttons. V6 can control multi-group power output in just one quick slide which is faster than any manual system available in market. To adjust an individual group, simply press and hold the group button and scroll the adjustment dial at the same time and changes will be instantly made on the V6 RX unit.

Absolute Power Control

V6 can benchmark the power output of flash models with different GN. In Absolute Power mode, EV numbers can be used to specify an absolute light intensity, independent of the maximum power output of a flash model.


V6 is so advanced and precise that 0.1EV power level can be adjusted, even if the flash does not offer that option*.

*0.1EV increment applies to certain flash models only. Please check the user manual for compatibility.

TTL Pass-through

The V6 transceiver comes with a multi-system shoe that supports TTL pass through. With TTL pass-through, the TTL flashes behave as they would when directly connected to the camera hot shoe.

Major features:

  • Wireless manual power control of a list of current and previous Canon, Nikon and Pentax flashes;
  • Flash profile learning for analogue-TTL flashes;
  • Full manipulation of power levels to 1/10, 1/3, 1/2 and 1EV steps;
  • Lo Power mode fires the flash for extremely short lengths of time;
  • Absolute Power Mode benchmarks the power output of different flash models to the same light intensity;
  • TTL pass-through with Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, and Fujifilm via one single unit;
  • Built-in optical trigger enables pre-flash triggering;
  • Group control allows you to control up to four groups;
  • Relay mode triggers the camera shutter and flash in sync;
  • Delay timer is configurable from 1 millisecond to 10 seconds;
  • Mini-USB port for optional power supply and firmware updates.

Flash model profiles pre-installed in V6:
Canon system models:
- Cactus AF45C, AF50C;
- Canon 320EX, 430EX, 430EXII, 540EZ, 580EX, 580EXII, 600EX-RT;
- Godox V860C;
- Metz 36AF-5, 44AF-1, 50AF-1, 52AF-1, 58AF-1, 58AF-2;
- Nissin Di866 MARK II, MG8000;
- Phottix Mitros;
- Sigma EF-500 DG SUPER;
- Yongnuo YN568EX II;

Nikon system models:
- Cactus AF45N, AF50N;
- Metz 36AF-5, 44AF-1, 58AF-2;
- Nikon SB-24, SB-28, SB-600, SB-700, SB-800, SB-900, SB-910;
- Nissin Di700, Di866;
- Sigma EF-530 DG SUPER;

Pentax system models:
- Cactus AF45P, AF50P;
- Metz 36AF-5, 44AF-1, 50AF-1, 58AF-2;
- Pentax AF 360FGZ, AF 540FGZ;

Notes on compatibility:

  • Cactus V6 does not work with any other flash trigger model including Cactus V4, V2s or V2;
  • Cactus V6 does not transmit TTL information wirelessly;
  • Cactus V6 is not compatible with flashes or strobes with reversed polarity connectors;
  • Cactus V6 is compatible with practically all cameras that come with either (1) a standard ISO hot shoe, or (2) a female sync port connection;
  • Cactus V6 is compatible with the Wireless Flash Transceiver V5, Laser Trigger LV5 and Wireless Flash RF60.


  • Working radio frequency: 2.4 GHz;
  • Number of channels: 16;
  • Number of groups: 4;
  • Support sync speed up to 1/1,000 second (subject to camera’s sync speed limitation);
  • Maximum effective distance: 100 meters (field-tested up to 270 meters);
  • Power input: Two AA batteries; mini USB 2.0, DC input 5V, 500mA~1A;
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to +50°C;
  • Camera voltage handling: up to 6V;
  • Flash voltage handling: up to 300V;
  • Dimensions: 72mm (L) x 72mm (W) x 42 mm (H);
  • Weight: 68g.

Nero是一個多功能的設備,為攝影師採取特殊的照片,引發他們的單反相機或外置閃光燈。基於單片機技術,設備已設計。它配備了內置的光,激光和聲音傳感器,還集成了RSS 2.0訂閱攝影靈活控制的定時器。, 尼祿MultiTrigger 將下面列出的內置函數10

  • 閃電觸發器
  • 聲音觸發
  • 與鎖的聲音觸發
  • 時間的推移(1-10秒)
  • 時間間隔(1-10分鐘)
  • 激光與延時觸發
  • 激光觸發與連拍
  • 長時間曝光
  • 超級燈泡
  • 曼努埃爾觸發


  • 多有線/相機能力是現在的標準。無需購買另一個觸發,如果你有兩個攝像頭,或當您升級到一個不同的模型/品牌
  • 這是可能引發閃存或DSLR與非標準2.5和3.5毫米接口(NERO獨特功能)
  • 極為敏感的光學傳感器檢測雷擊事件
  • 白天還是黑夜檢測快速雷擊事件
  • 讓每一個鏡頭後圖像查看
  • 在毫秒級的響應時間(滯後)
  • 10級靈敏度調整和顯示
  • 光電隔離輸出,充分保護任何潛在危害的單反
  • 大多數單反相機/數碼單反相機的熱靴安裝
  • 包括金霸王2節AAA電池
  • 基於微控制器的設計


•長度: 3.34(85毫米)•寬度: 2.36(60毫米)高度: 1.18英寸(30毫米)




而家想買一套外國 Pack 燈起碼過萬, 諗都唔洗諗 (你有米另計), 重量最少 十幾廿磅, 影次想好似打仗咁, 而家就唔同啦 , Bowens 呢款 Power Pack 真係窮人玩壓光的救星 , 首先重量只係 4.1kg , Size 180 x 120 x H130mm , 細細粒唔阻定, 價錢先給引, $3000 唔洗, 真係庶渣價錢 燒鵝味道!









Bowens Travel Pak 可以配番原廠燈用, 由 200 – 1000w 都得, 如果用 400W, Full Power 輸出都可以玩到 300 次, (Bowens 400W 唔同 大陸燈 ga 400W, Bowens 400W 可以出到 75gn)








GM400 + Hire Power Pack 而家賣緊 $5680 咋, 同級數的外影燈半價的價錢~心動嗎?




Gripone 反光板,它攜帶十分的方便,儘管體積小巧,但它仍能給您提供將近0.5平方米的反光面積,在拍攝人物的頭像,半身像時,能夠提供足夠的光線,讓您的攝影作品富有光感,生機勃勃!是喜歡拍攝人像的攝影工作者的利器!

金+錢銀反光物料, 會令相片更弱和


配件夠硬凈同輕, 又有個靚套, 問你點頂


Small Size

整體重量 380g
打開長度 94厘米
打開寬度 80厘米
有效反光板面積 0.6平方米
收起後整體長度 95厘米


零售價 HK$380


Middle Size

整體重量 600克
打開長度 125厘米
打開寬度 100厘米
有效反光板面積 1平方米
收起後整體長度 125厘米

零售價 HK$680


而家 dcbuy 有得賣啦



LEDZILLA – On Board Light Head Mini Led

DLOBML • DedoLight On Board Mini Led





A single, high-power LED Light Head

• Amazing output in combination with the Dedolight double aspheric optics.
• Focuses like a Dedolight. LED lights are not usually focusable.
• No other focusing LED light compares – 4° to 56°.
• Smooth light distribution in all and every focusing position.
• Wide angle flip-up diffuser for 70° angle, smoothly covering the widest zoom and widening
the beam.
• Clean, sharp, single-edge barn door shadow OR a very gentle light and shadow transition
with the flip-up wide angle diffuser in place
• Converts from daylight to tungsten via a dichroic flip-down filter
• Color rendition and color distribution is cleaner than comparable LED lights.
• Adjustable support arm allows it to be positioned above and forward. A single, high-power
• Dims extremely smoothly from full blast all the way down to zero without any color change.


• Powers from any 6 V to 18 V DC power source.
• Optional battery shoe is compatible with Sony and Panasonic mini-DV batteries.
• NP-F550 7.2 V, 2000 mA, 105 minute run time.
• NP-F750 7.2 V, 4000 mA, 210 minute run time.
• NP-F950 7.2 V, 6000 mA, 330 minute run time.

When dimmed to 50 % light output, power consumption drops accordingly
resulting in twice the run time. Alternative power from any Anton/Bauer
or PAG system, car cigarette lighter output or battery belt.

• Power consumption is only 8 W despite its high output.
• Operates from -40° C up to +40° C.
• LED power available indicator.
• Frontend bayonet allows you to add future attachments and light modifiers.

Size: 4.7″ x 2.5″ x 4.8″ (12 x 6,4 x 12,4 cm)
Weight: 370 g

DLOBML – LEDZILLA – Dimensions



1280749988_Rosco E-colour



The Strobist Collection

一套 20 隻 Color Filter

一包 55 張


零售價 HK$180.00



Sugar Photography

Office Tel : 3568-0024

WhatsApp : 9744-7610

DLHM4-300 – Tungsten Light Head


The self contained Dedolight DLHM4–300 works with an integrated electronic power supply combining:
• New Dedolight Aspherics² optics
• Drastically improved light output
• 24 V/150 W integrated electronic power supply
• Dimmable

Versions available for external dimming (SE for EU) and DMX controll (DMX). Please inquire. Available in four different input voltages (four versions):
• 240V (DLHM4–300E+)
• 230 V (DLHM4–300E)
• 120 V (DLHM4–300U)
• 100 V (DLHM4–300J)


PDF Files



Sugar Photography

Office Tel : 3568-0024



2560-E Catalog  5060-E Catalog


建議零售價 Octabox 50cm Sell - HK$1050
建議零售價 Octabox 65cm Sell - HK$1180
建議零售價 Strip 25x60cm Sell - HK$1080


Sugar Photography

Office Tel : 3568-0024

E-mail :

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影樓出租 , Studio Rental , 影樓租用


, 由現在起至 2020年01月01日
, 於星期一至五(公眾假期例外) , 可以已 HK$2200 租用 9小時

The new offer, from now until Jan 01, 2020, Monday to Friday (except public holidays), HK $ 2200 could have been rented nine hours

Floor Plan

本影樓約 2000 呎 (15呎樓底)

The studio of about 2000 feet

16呎白色 Cyclorama  , 可同時容納多人拍攝 , 使用名牌 Elinchrom 閃燈和配件

截图-Thu, 27 Dec 2018 06_17_53 GMT


地址  : 香港大圍運路1-7號交通城工業大廈7樓12室

Address : Room 712 , 7/F, Transport City Building , 1-7 Shing Wan Road , Tai Wai, Hong Kong




個人或商業 / Personal or Business

拍攝影樓出租價目表 / Studio Rental Price List

每次租用最少二小時, 不足二小時亦按二小時收費。


(Mon-Fri 09:00am-21:00pm) – 每小時收費$280元。

(Mon-Fri 21:00pm-09:00am) – 每小時收費$330元。

(9 Hour Mon-Fri) 收費$2200元


(Sat/Sun/Hoilday 09:00am-21:00pm) – 每小時收費$330元。

(Sat/Sun/Hoilday 21:00pm-09:00am) – 每小時收費$380元。

(9 Hour Sat/Sun/Hoilday) 收費$2600元

背景紙每2小時免費自行更換一次, 如 2 小時內要求更換背景紙, 每次$50元正! (背景紙請早 3 天確認)


每次租場均可以有 15mins 免費準備時間,準備時間期間不可以運用器材道具以作拍攝用途,敬請留意。

如超時 5-10mins (離開計算) 內需加 $50元, 超時10-15mins (離開計算) 內需加 $100 元, 超時過 15mins (離開計算) 當1小時計算~

20190110-BY8Q2044 20190110-BY8Q2040 20190110-BY8Q2036 20190110-BY8Q2035 20190110-BY8Q2034 20190110-BY8Q2033 20190110-BY8Q2030 20190110-BY8Q2029 20190110-BY8Q2028

免費 WiFi 無限上網 / Free WiFi wireless internet





Flash Light

Elinchrom ELC1000

Elinchrom ELC500


Parabolix 35Deep

Parabolix 55′

Parabolix 65′

Soft Box

90x110cm Softbox

100x100cm Softbox

35x90cm Softbox120cm Octa Box Softbox




Rayo 16

Rayo 15

Barn Door + Honey Comb + Color Gel

Elinchrom Umbrella Wide Reflector 90° 16 cm N° 26143

Elinchrom Grid Reflector 70° 18 cmN° 26080

Elinchrom Standard Reflector 50° 21 cmN° 26141

Elinchrom  Varistar Reflector 90° 24 cmN° 26164

Elinchrom Softlite White Reflector 44cm 80°N° 26168

Elinchrom Background ReflectorN° 26165

Elinchrom Snoot Reflector & GridN° 26061

Umbrella Reflective

90cm / 130cm / 155cm Sliver umbrella

90cm / 130cm / 155cm White umbrella

Flash Trigger

PocketWizards Plus X


Kupo CS-40


Light Stand

Apple Box


Super Clamp


Super Booms

未命名-1燈光助手服務 燈光助手費用代報價 )




預約需要預繳 100%訂金

為公平起見, 租場是以先到先得,付款為先!

Account No.: 012-692-0-005703-6  (Bank of China) / 774-290381-883  (Hang Seng Bank)

Account : Sugar Photography

入數後請電話確定 並保留收據於租用當日出示.


Lighting Supports Photo Company

WhatsApp : 9744-7610

E-mail :

Contact : Alan Lai

Wechat : wechat




1. 所有預約敬請準時到達,如遲到不作補時。

(如更改時間請在 14 天前通知 , 3-14天內通知會收取 50% 訂金作手續費 , 臨時取消預約訂金將不退還)

2. 租用時間指一切拍攝前準備(以進入影樓計算)及拍攝後收拾(離開影樓時間),請自行控制時間。

3. 如租用人士遲到,租用時間由預定時間開始計算,並不會順延。

4. 本影樓只接受不超過 2 名 11 歲以下兒童逗留, 每名兒童必須有 2 位成人照顧, 請小心照顧小朋友及同行所有人士,如有損傷本公司不會付上任何責任。

5. 本公司可提供租用者寄存3天服務,按金HK$1500元正,如有寄存物品被損壞或盜竊, 本公司不會負上任何責任, 寄存者2天內未有取回物品, 物品和按金張不會發還。

6. 如任何設施及用具遭到任何損壞,者須按價賠償;如有任何設備、器具、裝置或其他財物遭到損壞或損毀 (正常損耗除外)、偷竊或被移走,毀壞者亦須按價賠償,本公司 Lighting Supports Photo Company  保留追究權利

7. 請保持地方清潔,自攜食品請自行清理。

8. 不設人數上限,包括拍攝者,被拍攝者及旁觀者。

9. 如未能配合本影樓之FM 引發器,訂金將不會發還。

10. 請依照在場職員指示下使用 Cyclorama 和管理自己的工作人員, 工作人員請勿在白色地臺逗留,如本公司的員工多次警告無效, 而地臺出現大量汚積, 本公司會收取白色地臺 HK$1000 / 牆身 HK$100平方尺補油費。

11. 如有寵物,請在租場時通知,如沒通知,本影樓有權終止租場,而訂金將不會發還。

12. 如借用本影樓之顧客如遇有財物損失、意外傷亡本公司 Lighting Supports Photo Company 不會負上任何責任。

13. 如有任何爭議,本公司 Lighting Supports Photo Company 將保留一切最終決定權